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Lilach Bullock

Social Media Expert, Influencer & Blogger

Listed in Forbes as one of the top 20 women social media power influencers, crowned the Social Influencer of Europe by Oracle. Named the number one UK Influencer by Career Experts. A recipient for a Global Women Champions Award.

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Jim Nico

Founder of SNi and

On The Cutting Edge in the white-hot world of audio-on-demand. Custom podcast production, promotion, marketing and monetizing for the world's top innovators.

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Katyan Roach

Social Media Strategist; Coach

Loves helping part-time entrepreneurs, small and mid-sized business owners wade through the sometimes overwhelming world that is Social Media Marketing.

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Shira Abel

CEO at Hunter&Bard

Shira Abel is the CEO of Hunter & Bard, a marketing and branding agency, and is an expert in SaaS marketing strategy and implementation.

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Gareth O’Sullivan

Content Marketing Manager at Creation Agency

Versatile digital marketer and blogger with experience on various social media platforms including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and many more. Contact Gareth for social media growth and marketing.

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Marie-Helene Dibenedetto

CEO at Moondust

Founder of Social Media and Content Services agency Moondust. Writer for several social media and tech blogs. Speaker. Google AdWords Certified Professional.

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Colin Sumter

Creator of

Helps build online social communities that empower entrepreneurs and startups.  CrowdMole is where product announcement, data marketing, and distribution via crowdfunding are aligned, all for social good.

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David Schneider

CEO of

Co-founder of NinjaOutreach, an innovative new Blogger Outreach software for marketers. He writes about business and entrepreneurship and enjoys travel.

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Lotta Karlsson Domonkos

CEO at Spinoola

Experience from digital services and online business. Passion for the digital world and delivering smart services. Webmaster and holds a Master in Decisions and Risk Analysis.

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Mike Seidle

Cofounder & COO of WorkHere

Hyperlocal social media and social recruiting specialist. Cofounder of WorkHere, the first social mobile app designed to build talent pipelines around specific locations.

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Ryan Garman

Co-Founder of goPRit

Supports your public relations efforts with GoPRit which generates quality, consistent press coverage without an overpriced PR Agency.

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Dustin W. Stout

Co-founder of Warfare Plugin

Named a top 10 social media blogger ( and recognized digital marketing strategist. Dustin is the co-founder of Warfare Plugins and Director of Marketing for Steady Demand.

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Birgit Pauli-Haack

Chief Technologist

Co-founder of Relevanza, a cutting-edge digital marketing agency and consultants for online advocacy with offices in Naples, Florida and Asheville, North Carolina.

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Mark Samms

COO of

Cofounder of NinjaOutreach, an all-in-one Blogger Outreach software. Mark loves to help businesses identify and achieve their influencer marketing goals by giving them custom advice.

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Christian Verdú

Head of Consumer Insights & Audience Development

Consumer Insight strategist, creator of leading consumer-centric social platforms for the publishing industry, such and

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Jack Born

Founder of Deadline Funnel

Marketer and software founder. Created and to help marketers add scarcity and surveys to their marketing funnels.

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Daniel Lemin

Bestselling Author & Customer Experience Coach

Digital marketing and online reputation expert and strategy consultant. Bestselling author of Manipurated. Head of Consulting for Convince & Convert.

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Charles Jo

Creator of SSG

Creator of Startup Study Group (SSG) , the largest startup slack community.  Lighthouse project for early beta customers.

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Are Morch

Hotel Blogger & Social Media Manager

Are helps Hotels with Content and Social Media Management.

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Itai Elizur

COO at Inbound Junction

Itai has managed marketing teams for companies such as Specializes in helping business develop and optimize large-scale user acquisition. Expert of increasing ROI and decreasing CPAs.

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Parry Sondhi

Founder/Creative Director: Absolute Kreative

Creative & passionate about lifestyle businesses. The things Parry is most proud of aren't produced in Photoshop or code. #AbsoluteKreative #Bowtieswala #HelloHoli

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Vedh Jagadish

Digital Marketer and Blogger

Certified Digital Marketing Master keen on helping companies and brands establish & grow through social media. Parallely executes successful Email Marketing and Inbound Marketing campaigns.

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Callum McCahon

Senior Strategist at BORN SOCIAL

Senior Strategist at leading social media agency, Born Social.

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Ashish Prasad


Ashish is a Digital Strategist, Writer and Speaker and currently serves as the Chief Executive at SOFTRE, one of the fastest growing digital agencies and also serves as the Director of Drive Safely India, a road safety initiative.

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Ivana Taylor

Publisher of

Ivana Taylor is the publisher of a resource for entrepreneurs who want do LESS marketing and make MORE money.

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Stanislaus Martins

Head of Digital

Helping businesses drive growth in digitally driven marketplace. Over 10 years working in branding, digital, marketing and technology capacities. Developing and executing on digital strategies for brands like Pepsi, 7UP and Heineken.

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Ashwin Satyanarayana

Founder of

Entrepreneur, End-to-end Digital Marketing Specialist, Google Partner, Bing Ads Certified, and HubSpot Inbound Certified rainmaker. Founder of,, and

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Paweł Tkaczyk

Strategist; CEO in MIDEA

Makes a living by telling stories. Helps companies build strong brands. Allfather at Midea branding agency.

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Marek Zmysłowski

Founder in and

Successful Fast Growth Executive, Entrepreneur. Chosen as one of 2014's Ten Most Important Africans in Tech by IT News Africa Magazine.

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Daniel Kędzierski

CEO in

Entrepreneur with 13 years of experience. Responsible for the vision of the product, new markets and distribution. Speaker and trainer, shows how to create and optimize Facebook Ads.

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Katarzyna Młynarczyk

CEO in Socjomania

Digital marketing certified trainer and consultant - partner of Digital Marketing Institute, speaker, strategist, founder of studies on new marketing. Nine years of experience in social media field.

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Jakub Prószyński

Head of Social Media Team in Przeagencja

Specialising in managing communities and social media analytics. Always up to date with newest trends in SM which he describes on his website, Pijaru Koksu Blog.

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Tomasz Kolinko

Founder in AppCodes

Experienced in small SaaS marketing and PR. Enthusiast of Reddit and Ethereum.

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Tomasz Sulewski

Corporate projects manager in Orange Polska

Digital marketing expert and speaker, specialized in the preparation of multichannel strategies for brands and in influencer relations. Effective communication fanatic.

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Grzegorz Mikosza

CCO in Preludium PR

Chief creative officer in Preludium PR. Social media expert. Combining traditional PR tools with fresh channels of internet communication.

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Karol Dziedzic

Online Marketing Director in Brandman

Google AdWords Certified Trainer & Google Analytics Specialist. Helps companies improving SEO.

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Radosław Zaleski

Head of Growth in Netguru

Responsible for the continuous development. Coordinates all marketing, sales and recruitment processes. Has more than 10 years of experience in marketing and PR under his belt.

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Łukasz Dębski

Strategist in Socjomania

Digital marketing, social media and inbound marketing certified trainer. Consultant, strategist, lecturer and author of Infosocialmedia blog. 9 years of experience in social media.

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Alek Kowalczyk

CEO at IT Project Partners

Project management expert, entrepreneur and speaker. Helps to deliver great software projects and to embed project management into organizational culture.

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Piotr Bucki

Owner at Bucki PRO; CMO at XVENTURES

Helps companies and entrepreneurs hone their message using cognitive psychology and neuroscience. Piotr tests drive theory in practice and craft messages that last.

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Lukasz Zelezny

Speaker; Author; Consultant

Listed as Top 10 Social Media influencer in UK. Lukasz speaks around the world on SEO and Social Media conferences.

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Arkadiusz Cybulski

CEO in Gamfi

Brings excitement back to consumers and employees with the use of gamification. Helps managers boost business results.

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Michał Zwierz

CVO in Grand Brand

Brand strategist & personal branding expert. If you are thinking about new startup or public speaking / blog / vlog - contact Michał.

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Ewa Czertak

CEO in Business Unlimited

Expert personal branding for entrepreneurs, brand strategist, business mentor, motivational speaker, founder of Akademia Marki z Klasą, Master Business Trainer.

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Wojciech Cichoń

Social Media Assassin

Community and Customer Support Manager at CKSource - the creators of CKEditor. Gets along with web developers, until they start talking DOM and ContentEditable.

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Żaneta Geltz

CEO & Creative Director in Geltz Media

Founder of Geltz Media, Happy Evolution Global Association, chief editor of Hypoallergenic People Magazine. Strategist for 16 years, brand communication & media expert. Researcher, writer, speaker.

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Artur Jabłoński

Marketing Consultant

Works with various companies - from startups through SME's to corporations and even city administrations. In love with copywriting and communication strategy.

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Mateusz Jasiński

Coach, CEO in

For 15 years teaches people how to reach their running goals. Owner of - the most popular blog about running in Poland. Head of New Balance digital marketing in Poland.

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Dominik Kawula

WordPress Developer, Marketer and PR Manager

WordPress & WooCommerce project manager. Back-end developer and UX/UI bug hunter. Marketer and PR expert. Works for Blog Play (P4 telecom) and co-organizes WordCamp Conference.

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Piotr Zaniewicz

CEO in RightHello

He is unstoppable entrepreneur who fears no challenge. Passionate about marketing, and an expert on cold mailing and B2B lead generation.

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Milena Majchrzak


Co-founder of SaaS company, responsible for managing and developing BI SEM solution. Enthusiast of big data, especially in the field of on-line marketing.

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Maciej Sawicki

Co-founder of the Mumin's Interactive

Formerly he was responsible for creating a web TV platform as part of Wirtualna Polska. With over a decade of experience in the video industry, he is fluent in both traditional production as well as new media.

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Agata Krynicka

Managing Director of SCOOP agency

Expert in content marketing and content distribution. Offers world class content marketing solutions by education, training and high level executive services.

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Paweł Gontarek

SEO Director at Fabryka Marketingu; Consultant

Helps people and companies improving their SEO. Blogger at

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Maciek Wroblewski

Head of Analytics at TalentMedia

Video marketing professional. Specialized in video strategy, content distribution and media buying. YouTube certified expert and official YouTube TC.

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Arvind Juneja

Community Manager, Blogger

Has 10+ years experience in building and managing online communities. Handling online PR crisis situations, creating strategies for personal brands and blogging about healthy lifestyle.

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Szymon Lisowski

Digital Marketing Trainer and Consultant in Socjomania

Digital marketing certified trainer and consultant - partner of Digital Marketing Institute, Facebook Ads specialist, lecturer and strategist.

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Krzysztof Cieślak

CEO & Founder of B-MIND Interactive and Digital Software House

Ex-coder. Technology Enthusiast and entrepreneur. Helps Marketing Agencies exist in digital world.

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Patrycja Hackiewicz

Founder of the Customized Group

Founder of the Customized Group. Customer Experience Management (CEM, CX) consultant and business coach.

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Mateusz Sobieraj

CEO & Media Planning Director

Specialized in digital marketing. Innovator in the planning of new media. Works with latests global trends in online advertising, including RTB, VR and Rich Media.

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Sebastian Suma

CEO at Sempai

Specialising in performance marketing. His daily duties include planning and execution of strategies in marketing campaigns. A lecturer, trainer and fan of web analytics.

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Mateusz Dela

Senior Online Marketing Manager at GoEuro

SEO expert with 10 years experience. Mateusz is helping people to understand more SEO. At this moment, he is working for GoEuro in Berlin.

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Michal Blak

CEO edrone

Cofounded edrone CRM to help eCommerce sites everywhere achieve their full potential. Expert in Machine Learning, CRM, marketing automation and retention marketing.

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Mariusz Kołacz

Internet Marketing Consultant

Online Marketing Specialist with vast experience in helping e-commerce businesses increase their revenue. Founder of &

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Bartosz Lanc

CMO at ZMorph

Marketing generalist with a knack for data and strategy. Avid 3D printing and analytics enthusiast.

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Rahim Blak

CEO click community and CMO edrone

Rahim focuses on social media marketing with emphasis on social commerce and social CRM. He also deals with the creation of SaaS start-ups. The newest one, edrone, positions itself as The first CRM for e-commerce

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